How and Why

The Shovelution is a remarkable invention that greatly reduces the effort, strain and potential injury involved in shoveling. It is a spring-loaded, ergonomic shovel handle attachment that attaches easily to any straight-shaft shovel, or similar implement.

When you add the Shovelution to your standard shovel, you get a truly ergonomic shovel with all of these substantial benefits:

  • No twist, no shout. The Shovelution allows you to lift without bending or twisting your back. This is a huge advantage in terms of eliminating shoveling-related back pain and back injury.

    • Move a muscle. The Shovelution allows you to use the strong muscles of your upper body to do the lifting and throwing, rather than relying on your biceps and triceps, which are much weaker.

      • Shovel smarter, not harder. The Shovelution requires roughly 50% fewer shoveling motions than a traditional shovel. This greatly reduces the energy needed to shovel a given load.

        • Tested by professionals. The Shovelution has been subjected to a Methods Time Measurement (MTM-2) study, a standard engineering benchmark, which showed the Shovelution to be roughly three times faster than a traditional shovel to complete a shoveling cycle.

          • Waste not, want not. The Shovelution captures the "wasted" energy from throwing and uses that energy to return the shovel to the starting point, ready for the next throw. With a traditional shovel, the user must expend his or her energy after each throw to get ready for the next. This is similar to the way that a hybrid automobile captures energy that would otherwise be lost in braking.

            • Switch 'em up. The Shovelution allows the user to switch sides when lifting and throwing. This evens the stress on the entire body, including the back, further reducing strain and injury. It allows one set of muscles to rest while the other is in use, further easing the shoveling effort and speeding up the process of shoveling.

              • Right for your height. The Shovelution allows tall people to shovel effectively and without the usual pain or discomfort.  If your are a tall person, you know that the taller you are, the longer the shovel you require.  Yet snow shovels are basically "one size fits all."  The Shovelution changes the geometry of the shoveling motion such that this issue is greatly reduced, or eliminated for tall shovelers.

                No other shovel or similar tool can do this. Not standard shovels, not "bent handled" shovels, not plows, not pushers, and not sleds. They don't even come close.  If you want a truly ergonomic snow shovel, garden shovel, landscaping shovel, etc, what you really want is to attach a Shovelution to the shovel you already own.

                We invite you to order the Shovelution; with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose. Your back will thank you, along with the rest of your body. We're confident that once you've used the Shovelution, you won't want to use your shovel without one.

                Intrigued, but still have questions? Please contact us and we will do our best to answer them.


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