Q: Are the assembly instructions available on line?

A: Certainly. Just click here.

Q: You emphasize the benefit that the Shovelution allows you to switch sides when shoveling. 
     Can't I switch sides with a regular shovel?

A: You can certainly try. But most people instinctively don't, because the arm that grips the shovel shaft requires trained coordination. That hand needs to balance the load and keep it from tipping side to side, with no lever arm to assist. All that work (for that arm), to keep the shaft from rotating and spilling the load, is done by the wrist and fingers. Most people have instinctively trained one wrist or the other to do this, but not both, just as most people write with their right hand or their left, but not both.

Now the D-grip on the shovel handle doesn't require such coordination, since the grip is natural, i.e., mechanically and ergonomically sound. In addition, the Shovelution provides an added “lever arm” to assist with load balancing, and the weight of the load is effectively self-balancing. By providing two D-grip handles to use, the Shovelution lets people switch sides and continue to shovel easily and effectively.