About Us

When you hear the word “ergonomic” used to describe a tool, you probably envision the implement as having an “improved” grip, or other such part.  All of us have been conditioned to think this way because manufacturers of these products have adopted the term to describe a small change to some aspect of the physical design which may or may not make the tool slightly easier or more comfortable to use.

On the other hand,  Wikipedia notes that ergonomics “draws on many disciplines in its study of humans and their environments including anthropometry, biomechanics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, industrial design, kinesiology, physiology and psychology.”

We could not agree more.  

At Ergo Analytics our approach is to examine all facets of the work itself and the environment in which the job is to be performed.  We then combine the data we derive with an understanding of the appropriate aspects of biomechanics, physiology, physics of motion, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to use this approach to redefine both the tool and the task in a way that results in a substantial increase in efficiency and effectiveness, along with an equally substantial decrease in effort and injury. 

Targeted at snow shoveling, the Shovelution is the first in a line of outdoor tools we have designed using this process to achieve our goal.